Shading, Rain and Wind Protection Accessories

German quality shades provide you with stylish protection against any weather conditions.

Valance Plus – automatically controlled protection from the front.

Complementary glare protection and privacy. Although beneficial, shielding from the sun and rain from above is not always enough. Unpleasant dazzle can be caused by the low-lying sun, especially in the evenings or during the colder months of the year. Additionally, there are times when you just want to be alone yourself, away from prying eyes. We offer solutions that provide dependable all-around protection for you.

The front profile, which serves as the awning’s front protection, can optionally combine with the Valance Plus. It is tastefully incorporated into the awning’s overall design. The same hand transmitter that regulates your awning may readily be used to activate the vertical shading at the touch of a button or using a gear handle. The front profile shuts consistently and the fabric is positioned correctly, even with wide widths, thanks to the unique Opti-Flow-System® that supports the fabric roller bearing on the Valance Plus.

Valance Plus technical data

  • Motor drive as standard (except Plaza Viva)
  • Valance Plus max. width 6 m
  • Possible Valance Plus heights 1m, 1.5 m, 2.1m

Valance Plus benefits:

  • Optional for Opal Design II, Semina Life and Plaza Viva awnings
  • Glare and privacy protection up to a maximum valance height of 2.1 m
  • Plaza Viva: Valance Plus is only possible with gear drive
  • Folding arm awnings: motor drive as standard, gear drive possible (only recommended with small constructions)
  • Extends to any length – unlimited length
  • Fabrics in numerous high-quality patterns and different materials to choose from my collections and screens by Weinor
  • BiConnect radio control with integrated retraction protection

Paravento – the side privacy protection

With the chic Paravento side awning, you are protected from strangers’ curiosity, the sun, and brisk side breezes. The compact but sturdy cassette may be installed almost anyplace and offers a cost-effective alternative.

With a cutting-edge pattern from the Weinor fabric collection, the Paravento produces eye-catching highlights. During the day, privacy protection from the outside is offered by special function fabrics while still allowing you to view outside. As a result, the Paravento is a versatile and stylish substitute for fixed components like fences, walls, and hedges.

Paravento technical data:

  • Max. projection length 4 m
  • Max. cassette height 2.5 m
  • Max. fabric area 8 sqm

Paravento benefits:

  • Beautifully shaped cassette for perfect fabric protection
  • Stable construction for any house wall
  • Can be extended and retracted in one step
  • Special function fabrics you can see through
  • Can be used from the screens by weinor® collection
  • Optional trapezium shaped fabric possible, for an ideal combination with weinor folding arm awnings
  • More than 200 frame colours available

Duofix –the textile back-to-back awning solution

For shady free-standing locations, Duofix is fantastic. The free-standing building has fine awnings attached to both sides. In addition to Topas and Weinor Opal Design II awnings, Duofix is also offered with a Plaza Viva pergola awning. Even big crowds can find comfortable shelter beneath the dependable and robust sun protection. Without any issues, the building can be disassembled once more whenever necessary.

Duofix technical data

  • Max. width 6.5 m
  • Max. protection for Plaza Viva max. 5 m
  • Max. protection for Opal Design II and Topas
    max. 3.5 m

Duofix benefits:

  • For use on free-standing areas
  • Possible to integrate Tempura heating system and LED lighting
  • Max. width: 6.5 m, multi-section units also producible
  • Attractive roof rounds off the awning’s appearance
  • More than 200 frame colours available (including any RAL colour)
  • Convenient to control with the optional BiConnect radio control

Glass Verandas

Our contemporary patio verandas are created to be the highlight of your house and garden and to serve as a strong, stable foundation for future extensions. Whatever option you select, it will be durable.

Terrazza Pure

Any garden is more elegant with the Terrazza Pure. The square roof enhances the appearance of your house with its distinctive design and contemporary characteristics.

Terrazza Sempra

Although the Terrazza Sempra is a contemporary design, its traditional roof pitch and straight lines add a classic touch to any outdoor space. It is perfect for enjoying your patio or garden in all weather because of the all-glass roof.

Terrazza Originale

The Terrazza Originale improves your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort level. The roof system consists of a single, significant glass panel attached to an actual, detachable roof to form a single unit.

Enjoy the outdoors in comfort

We are a family-owned business specialising in designing, planning and installing exceptional glass rooms, verandas, awnings, louvred and textile roofs.

From an initial site visit where we discuss your options right through to the completion of your dream outdoor space, we provide you with a professional, personal and friendly service.

Guaranteed. We’re here to help you turn your outdoor areas into indoor spaces you’ll love to use 365 days a year.

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Tempura Heating Solutions

With the help of the Tempura and Tempura Quadra heating systems, you can prolong your valuable time on the patio. They may be installed practically anyplace, are simple to adapt, and provide pleasant warmth. The infrared rays are immediately sensed after the device is turned on. Both a square-designed Tempura Quadra and a round version of the heater are available.

By using the infrared technology, you are protecting more than just your wallet. Unlike other heating methods, the heat is immediately evident.

Using infrared technology is affordable and enjoyable. The Tempura/Tempura Quadra has low running costs of just €0.53 per hour (at an electricity cost of €0.35 per kWh). Standard heating methods have far greater operational expenses, such as those associated with gas. The infrared heating technique only warms the skin, not the air in between, in contrast to electrical quartz heaters, with the maximum heat being released immediately once they are turned on.

Tempura Quadra – modern square design

Tempura Quadra is the square design of the Tempura with compact housing.

Tempura Quadra technical data

  • Output 1,500 watts*
  • Power supply/frequency 230 V/50 Hz
  • Filtered light up to 99%, extremely low-glare
  • Heating technology infrared radiation, instant heat
  • Radio control
  • on/off BiConnect/Somfy RTS
  • fine-tuned dimmer function
  • BiConnect/Somfy io-homecontrol® (integrated in the housing of the heater)
  • Hard wired control connected on site to existing supply

Tempura/Tempura Quadra benefits:

  • Instant heat without any delay thanks to infrared technology
  • 91% efficient due to the concentrated radiation thanks to strong reflectors
  • Can be retrofitted at any time to complement existing products or even for other
    patio systems
  • Can be used virtually everywhere or mounted directly onto Opal Design II (Tempura and Tempura Quadra) and Semina Life (just Tempura) awnings
  • More than 200 frame colours available
  • Can be conveniently operated and fine-tuned dimmed using BiConnect radio control or Somfy-io-homecontrol®, also possible to control it by switch

Tempura – round design

The round version of the Tempura impresses with Its classic look.

Tempura technical data

  • Output 1,500 watts*
  • Power supply/frequency 230 V/50 Hz
  • Filtered light up to 95%, extremely low-glare
  • Heating technology infrared radiation, instant heat
  • Radio control
  • on/off BiConnect/Somfy RTS
  • fine-tuned dimmer function
  • BiConnect/Somfyio-homecontrol® (integrated in the external design bar housing)
  • Hard wired control connected on site to existing supply

Using the Tempura heating system, the radiant heaters are appropriate for outdoor spaces that are weatherproof. The colours of the individual fluorescent lamps may somewhat vary if many units are put next to one another. The radio control may emit a faint buzzing sound, as is typical of other electrical devices. A typical 16 amp household fuse can normally link two Tempura.

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A modern glass veranda is a perfect addition to any home. Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy the weather or want an outdoor office, a spacious glass living space offers different options. It’s a beautiful solution to create a relaxation spot in the front or back garden and to have a view of everything going on outside. Contact us about a free site survey today and start transforming your outdoor space. You can also check out our latest projects for inspiration.

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Lighting Accessories: LED lighting for a brighter mood

High-quality LED spotlights that are cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Any patio benefits from the unique touch that our LED lighting provides. Their warm glow creates a welcoming ambience while extending the patio’s usable time. Based on contemporary technology, the inventive LEDs can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Anyone choosing our LED lighting solutions is making the right decision. The small mood setters are energy-efficient and very stylish. Our remote-control technology can dim the light bars, which come in a nice warm white illumination option. 85% less energy is used by economical LED technology while producing as much light as a 20-watt halogen spotlight. The 2.6-watt LED bulbs have a life of thousands of hours and emit 187 lumens of light.

Note: the I/K, Semina, Cassita II and Topas awnings can be equipped with a separate LED bar. With all other awnings, the LED spotlights are integrated into the awning cassette.

LED lighting benefits:

  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Pleasant warm white light (approx. 3,000 K)
  • Individual LED lights can easily be replaced
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • More than 200 frame colours available
  • Dimmable using BiConnect radio control or Somfy-io-homecontrol®
  • Extremely efficient lighting with low energy consumption

LED RGB Strip: the cosy al fresco lighting

The LED bar creates a distinctive atmosphere on your patio with coloured lighting and fantastic light effects. The LED RGB Strip can be quickly, easily, and even retrofitted anyplace protected from the elements, whether they are fitted to the house wall, equipment, or other patio buildings.

Your light is equally dispersed, creating a unique environment. BiConnect radio control hand transmitter can be used to conveniently control and dim the lighting. If Somfy RTS radio technology is employed, an appropriate RTS handset can be used to turn on or off the LED. A button on the light bar is utilised to alter the colour and dim the LED with this option and hard wired control.

LED RGB Strip benefits:

  • Easy operation of the LED coloured light bar and all other products using the BiEasy 15M Go
  • Hand transmitter
  • 48 colours and 3 whites
  • Can be installed anywhere, and is protected from the weather, can also be retrofitted
  • More than 200 frame colours available
  • Extremely efficient lighting with low energy consumption
  • Beautifully-shaped housing, can be fitted flexibly and subtly

Four light bars – one quality: white and coloured light

We provide six unique light bars, with different  ranges of design, function, and application . The LED RGB Strip can also be used to create coloured illumination.

Easy to operate – clever controls

With a BiConnect radio control, it’s even simpler to just turn off and unwind. Whether radio controlled or physically connected, your lights and heating can be simply managed in addition to your patio roof’s awning for sun protection.

Radio/hard wired control and weather sensors: modules for more comfort and security

To operate its awnings and other products conveniently, we offer a variety of technologies. Weinor also offers a number of items that operate using a traditional gear handle. However, using a motor to regulate the products is considerably more practical. Hard wired or through radio receiver are the two methods available for controlling the drive. The connection/power lead is used in the hard wired option to transmit the command to a wall switch. The radio version operates without a lead for the control commands and uses radio waves to transmit the signals to the receiver. The use of sensors that effectively shield your Weinor product from the elements is made possible by both technologies.

State-of-the-art routing technology: safe radio transmission. BiConnect radio control’s routing feature is crucial. This safely relays the signals over a number of stations without any interference from the hand transmitter until it reaches the end receiver.

Bi Connect radio control benefits:

  • Secure radio signal even with thick walls
  • Direct feedback through control function on hand transmitter (Bi-directional radio)
  • Less electronic emission than with conventional radio technology
  • Protected radio frequency, no disruptions from telephones or WLAN

BiConnect radio controls – one device for everything

Would you like to be able to operate your patio’s heating system, awning, and lighting with the touch of a button from your lounger? Then BiConnect is the ideal answer for you. Thanks to routing technology, a user-friendly hand transmitter with or without a display can even convey the interference-free radio signal through thick insulating layers and metal facades.

BiConnect – state-of-the-art electronics for patio comfort

The cutting-edge BiConnect radio control is the best option if you want simple, intuitive operation of patio equipment.

BiEasy hand and wall transmitter: safe, straightforward, and practical. The BiEasy 1M, 5M, and 15M Go hand transmitters make it easier to control heaters, lighting, and sun protection. They dazzle with their premium craftsmanship and are magnetically attachable. For controlling many devices, the hand transmitter with the BiEasy 15M Go display is ideal. With the BiEasy radio wall transmitters, you may very easily and without any wiring activate one or many awnings at once.

BiConnect benefits:

  • a summary of your
  • Easy control of sun protection products and accessories
  • Intuitive operation
  • Feedback through hand transmitter
  • Secure radio signal thanks to routing technology

Well armed with weather sensors

If the best awning is not extended when it is sunny and the patio and internal spaces become too hot, what good is it? Our weather sensors offer dependable support. They guard your indoor furnishings from fading brought on by UV radiation, the fabric from rain, and the awning structure from strong winds.

BiSens weather sensors – automatic protection against the sun, wind and rain

Even when your awning is hidden from view, BiSens weather sensors will immediately activate your radio-controlled awning. Throughout the day, does it become too hot? No issue. With the help of the sun sensor, the awning extends promptly and offers comfortable shade. The patio and inside spaces consequently don’t get as warm. If it starts to rain or gets windy, the sun protection also automatically closes, in order to keep it dry and not damaged. The following weather sensors are available for selection:

BiSens SWR-230V/Combined sun/wind/rain sensor – Automatically opens the awning in sunny conditions and retracts it in wind and rain
BiSens SW-230V Sun/Wind sensor – Automatically opens awning in sunny conditions and retracts it in windy conditions
BiSens SW-Solar+/Sun sensor*  – Automatically opens the awning in sunny conditions
BiSens Agido-3V/Battery operated product protection sensor  – Retracts awning when vibrations and movement are detected (e.g. gusty winds).

* A longer period without sunlight may lead to it discharging, the awning then switches to safety mode.

BiSens weather sensors benefits:

  • Automatic activate when thresholds are reached
  • LED status display (except with Agido)
  • Transparent housing (except with Agido)
  • Depending on the version, with power connection, battery or solar operated

The fabric makes the awning

Breathtakingly attractive and durable: our extensive selection of cloth patterns creates a cosy ambiance outside, strictly in accordance with your personal preferences.

Attractive awning fabrics to suit every taste

Weinor’s latest fabric line, “My Collections,” has 143 patterns in 3 different colour ways. Weinor fabrics are spinneret-dyed and made of polyester or acrylic. This ensures exceptional resilience, continuously vibrant colours, and excellent UV protection.

The Teflon fabric coating makes the surface resistant to decay, water, oil, and other contaminants. The environmental friendliness of “My Collections” is very impressive. The fabrics don’t have any toxins in them, and they abide by all the necessary environmental requirements.

Sustainable & exclusive to Weinor

16 contemporary patterns are offered in the tried-and-true Weinor polyester quality in the Weinor modern basics blue fabric range. 85% recycled PET is used in the fabric’s production.

Vertical sun protection with a crystal-clear view

Weinor external screens provide excellent sun protection while efficiently preventing overheating in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, they can provide cover from prying eyes. For this application, we suggest the Weinor collection of displays. Four separate, top-notch materials are used in it: StarScreen, Perluca, Soltis, and fibreglass screen. They all provide excellent window, patio, and balcony privacy as well as sun protection. Depending on the needs, several levels of transparency and air permeability are possible.

Note: Soltis® fabrics are not available for VertiTex II Zip

Fabrics for PergoTex II

Pergona® is the collection for the PergoTex II pergola awnings. Choose between Pergona® classic and Pergona® transluzent.

Over 200 modern Frame Colours

Maximum colour safety: you can choose from more than 200 different frame colours at The Glass Veranda Company. You can pick from a variety of colours that go well with the architecture.

Identical colours: you may also be guaranteed that all our products have the same premium colour tonality and consistent gloss level because Weinor completes all of the powder coating in its own workshop.

Choose from an abundance of high-quality colours:

  • 47 standard RAL rack colours with silk gloss – including the prominent Anthracite Grey (RAL7016)
  • 9 scratchproof, resistant trend
  • colours with an elegant textured look (standard)
  • over 150 special RAL colours

Note: Colour manufacturers make every effort to guarantee colour stability. Despite this, as a result of the ban on the use of heavy metals in powder coatings, it therefore cannot be excluded that colours in general, and Fire Red (RAL 3000) in particular, may fade with time. Colours may differ significantly due to the printing process.

Why Choose Our Veranda Accessories?

The Glass Veranda Company is an authorised distributor of Glass Rooms, Glass Veranda, Pergola Awnings, Patio Awnings, and Glass Veranda Accessories. One of the largest Veranda dealers in the UK, we have been working within this industry for over 15 years. The glass room and glass veranda systems we offer stand out for their exceptional design, dependability, and technological advancements among the outdoor living products we have sold over the years from a variety of different brands.

Quality of Materials

German manufactured products only utilise stainless steel screws and bolts. The arm joints are forged from a non-rusting aluminium alloy. Premium round steel that won’t rust makes up the open-link chain that connects the arm joints. All our products also undergo a special powder coating procedure to give an effective weatherproof and anti-corrosion finish. Our awnings are resistant to the worst UK weather.

Quality of Service

We ensure high-quality service, so that everything from advice to installation is handled by us. We make sure assembly is carried out skilfully and in line with all legal requirements. A 10-year warranty is provided for home installations.

Among many other advantages:

  • Minimal design
  • Frames-free doors
  • Stunning glass rooms
  • Life outdoors
  • Distinctive style
  • Meet your own needs
  • A 10 year warranty is provided for total security
  • German engineering
  • Outstanding design concepts
  • Unparallel style and flexibility
  • Customised fit and design to meet your needs
  • Available upgrades and modifications
  • Cheaper than the top players on the market
  • Unimpeded view of your garden
  • Our 3D visualisation can assist you in realising your goals
  • Free design advice and price estimate

Case Study

  • Mr & Mrs Farthing
  • Enfield - Greater London

Customer Vision

Our vision was to have a very minimal and low maintenance garden that was going to be usable all year round. The designer Martyn came out to meet us and immediately we were sold on the frameless doors as this would give us the view we were looking for.

We had a couple of concerns including the glass room being hot in summer and cold in winter. This was discussed and great solutions found by adding a roof shade and heaters. Our Designer Martyn was able to produce a visualisation on an iPad which my wife found useful as she was able to see what the glass garden room would look.

The process from start to finish was so smooth and simple but most importantly without pressure. When the install was carried out we noticed the fitter’s attention to detail was amazing. They were even able to install the millboard flooring inside the room to match the rest of the garden.

We have now had our glass garden room for a year. it’s the perfect space to sit and enjoy our space time. In fact we use the garden more than the inside of our home.

The design

It was a great pleasure to work on this project helping to create the Farthings vision of what an outdoor living experience should be. We were able to offer them the solution they required without any compromise in design or practicality resulting in a great outdoor living area.

The glass roof section of the glass garden room had what we call a balcony cut-out in the middle to work around the protruding doors and windows in the centre of the property.

We constructed a raised substructure which the room was built off and finished the surface with our 100% wood free composite decking made by Millboard in the UK.

The frameless sliding glass walls are the perfect way of keeping winter weather out whilst not taking away from the surrounding views of the garden.

The glass room was finished off with an undermounted roof shade, LED roof beam lighting and two remote controlled heaters.

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