What is a Glass Veranda?

A glass veranda provides a space for entertainment and outdoor living. It wonderfully captures the benefits of living outdoors, including comfort, connection, and appreciation for the environment. Glass verandas give your home a sense of openness that brings it to life by providing a clear viewpoint and lots of light.

The Terrazza Sempra Veranda

For over 20 years, weather protection expert Weinor has been continuously enhancing the popular Terrazza brand. It establishes the greatest standards as a bestseller. The outstanding outcome of our many years of experience, Terrazza Sempra, will enable you to take advantage of alfresco living in your priceless outside space virtually all year round.

The design dazzles with classic forms and uncluttered lines. Because Terrazza Sempra is a key component of the design, it blends in beautifully with the architecture of your home.

In order to create a one-of-a-kind and truly memorable experience that you will enjoy for many years to come, our Sempra glass-covered garden veranda mixes modern, cutting-edge living with traditional craftsmanship. Our team of highly qualified experts, who are passionate about producing beautiful furniture, meticulously selects each component and creates it exclusively for the veranda series.

Product data

  • Max. roof width: 7,0 m
  • Max. roof depth: 6,0 m (type S = 3,0 m, type L = 6,0 m)
  • Terrazza Sempra roof pitch: 3°-45°
  • Terrazza Sempra Plus roof pitch: 3°-15°
  • Snow load: 75 kg (550 kg per m²)
  • Roof glazing: 10, 12 mm LSG / 16 mm web plates

The Timeless Glass Patio Roof

There won’t be any quality or style compromises with the Terrazza Sempra glass patio roof! Since over 20 years ago, our German weather protection partner has been steadily enhancing the popular Terrazza brand. It establishes the greatest standards as a bestseller. The outstanding outcome of our many years of experience, Terrazza Sempra, will enable you to take advantage of alfresco living in your priceless outside space virtually all year round. The design dazzles with classic forms and uncluttered lines. Because Terrazza Sempra is a key component of the design, it blends in beautifully with the architecture of your home.

  • All year round outdoor living

  • Timeless, linear design

  • Tried-and-tested technology over many years

  • Attractive accessories

  • Easy to extend into a Glass Room

  • More than 200 frame colours

Terrazza Sempra Veranda: Product Details

Design Features

  • Timeless square design with sloping glass roof for a high quality look
  • Attractive post design with various trend colours.
  • Rigid roof covering with high quality laminated glass.

Technical Features

  • Invisible integrated downpipe within support posts with the option for drainage to feed through the base plate.
  • Aluminium construction supplemented with square caps.

Optional Features

  • Optional high quality LED strips which can be fitted in the posts and roof supports.
  • Optional front glazing with W17 glass sliding doors and SUPER LITE side elements.
  • Optional high performance Tempura Quadra heating system with 1,500 watt heat output.
  • Option for remote control WGM conservatory awning above the roof or Sottezza under-glass awning beneath to ensure effective temperature control and shading.
  • Option of Weinor Vertitex II vertical awning for privacy and glare protection.

 Frame Colours

Weinor provides 47 conventional RAL colours in a silk gloss finish as well as 9 scratchproof trend colours (WiGa) with an exquisite textured effect. You have a wide range of possibilities to customise your awning when combined with the selection of fabric.

It is possible to powder coat your awning in any RAL colour if you still have other ideas (surcharge applies). With this flexibility, you can match your home’s existing features or, in the case of commercial awnings, reinforce brand colours.

  • White Aluminium
  • Sparkling Iron
  • Pure White
  • Iron Glimmer
  • Grey Aluminium Metallic
  • Fir Green Metallic
  • Dark Aluminium Metallic
  • Chestnut Metallic
  • Anthracite Metallic

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Terrazza Sempra Veranda Features

You may have the best of both worlds when you cover your patio with a Terrazza Sempra Veranda: a shady refuge, and outside space for cooking, sitting, visiting, and even sleeping out in the open when the weather permits.


Made in Germany

The patio roofs in the Terrazza family, which have a long history of success, are the foundation of Sempra’s technology. It stands out for its high level of dependability and prolonged service life.

Modular system

Even later, extending the Terrazza Pure patio roof into a Glass Room with all-glass glazing elements is simple.

Linear design

The Terrazza Sempra design impresses with timeless shapes and clear lines.

Sun protection through conservatory awnings

The Sottezza II undermounted conservatory awning keeps the patio roof at a comfortable temperature. As an alternative, WGM Top can be put over the patio to provide shade.

Sun protection through vertical awnings

Protection from the blinding sun, wind, heat, and nosy onlookers from the front and sides is provided by the VertiTex II vertical awning.

Atmospheric LED lighting

You can use your patio even later into the evening thanks to LED illumination. You can choose between the square LED Design light bar with warm white light and the RGB LED light strip with 48 colours and 3 dimmer levels of white. Not only is the LED Design square light bar easily dimmable with the BiConnect controls but also with Somfy io-homecontrol.

Supporting Wall Connection Frame

Through the use of the crossbeam and support posts, the Supporting Wall Connection Frame guarantees the trustworthy installation of Terrazza Sempra on challenging facades like timber-framed, brick, or plaster facades with thermal insulation. It also lessens the load on your home’s wall.

Reliable heating system

You can spend more time outside on your patio in the evenings and on chilly days thanks to the Tempura Quadra heating system, which emits a cosy warmth.

Convenient control

Using a handheld transmitter and the BiConnect radio control, you can easily operate the sunshade while also dimming the lighting and heating.

Unobstructed view outdoors

Larger spans without centre posts are also possible with the 220 guttering, so nothing gets in the way of the view.

Integrated guttering

With Terrazza Sempra, the rainwater pipe is imperceptibly built into the post and always accessible. The water outlet’s height and location on the roof can be modified separately.

High stability

The stylish roof supports’ T-beam design ensures exceptional stability and has undergone several structurally tests.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


The Benefits of Having a Weinor Terrazza SempraVeranda

A clever and simple approach to turn your garden from just a garden into an useable outdoor place for a variety of activities is to install glass-covered garden verandas. Rethink your outside space. View our designs for glass-covered garden verandas.

In addition to being a fantastic method to increase your living space, a glass veranda also has some incredible advantages that will enhance your house. They are an excellent way to “bring the outdoors in” and eminently connect your home and yard. Enjoy entertaining and resting in a garden area that is shielded from the elements and gives you a clear view of the outside.

Our cutting-edge glass rooms, verandas, and additions are totally customizable to fit your lifestyle. Your glass veranda space is yours to use anyway you like. Read a book while watching the kids play in the backyard, shelter dinner guests from the rain, or create a tranquil setting to observe animals.

Weinor, the leaders in outdoor living design, created the Terrazza Sempra glass veranda. They have a wonderful choice for having a glass veranda that can be used alone or to build an entire glass room. You receive superb natural light through the glass veranda roof’s transparent component, and the open side panels provide you unobstructed views of your garden.

The best glass was used to construct this veranda, which was made to order. Its simple but sturdy construction can be finished however you like. The Terrazza veranda structure can be converted into a Weinor Glasoase glass room if you decide you’d like to alter it to become a fully glass room with closed side panels.

Quality & Price

You won’t be sacrificing quality with the Terrazza Sempra glass patio roof! Weinor, a leader in weather protection, created the popular Terrazza line over 20 years ago. It has since undergone constant improvement and currently sets the highest standards for a bestseller. The stunning outcome of our extensive experience, Terrazza Sempra, enables you to take advantage of worry-free patio living at its finest.


An unique instance, in fact. Your individual lifestyle is reflected in the house’s architecture. Of course, the patio roof is also covered by this. It must adhere to your design specifications because it is a crucial design component that affects the building’s overall impression. Because of this, Terrazza Sempra is the ideal solution for you. It impresses with its classic style and simple lines—a testament to Weinor’s successful design work!

  • Only premium, long-lasting materials are used in Weinor products. In order to protect yourself from the sun and weather on your patio in Northern Europe, trust the market leader!
  • At the front and on the sides, there is privacy and sun protection. The VertiTex II vertical awning shields you from the scorching sun, the heat, and nosy onlookers.
  • Under the patio roof, the Sottezza II under roof awning provides comfortable heat and glare protection. WGM Top over roof sun shielding is also an alternative.
  • Whether it be the roof support or the rain guttering, the design maintains a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and award-winning overall appearance.

Feel-good Factor

Weinor wants you to make the most of your priceless outdoor area. Because of this, Terrazza Sempra can include some enticing extras like LED lighting, heating, radio control, and glazing components. Everything goes without a hitch!

For a distinctive atmosphere on your patio, the RGB LED light strip offers 48 controllable coloured lights and 3 dimmable white shades. It can be attached to the wall or the Terrazza Sempra’s structure.

There are almost 150 more RAL colours available in addition to the more than 50 standard colours. The roof and accessories are guaranteed to be colorfast and have a consistent gloss level thanks to the Weinor powder coating.

Real Cosiness

Establish a mood, for increased pleasure. With unique light effects and cosy warmth, create extraordinary moments on your patio. Each accessory’s colour, shape, and technology are precisely suited to the patio roof.

On request, the LED Design square light bar is fitted into the roof support and emits a soft, warm glow.

You can spend more time outside on your patio in the evenings and on chilly days thanks to the Tempura Quadra heating system, which emits cosier warmth.

With the Weinor BiConnect radio control, you can easily operate the sun protection and even turn the heating and lighting down. Control is also possible with RTS, Somfyio-homecontrol®, and Somfy radio technologies.


Unimpeded vistas,  completely secured. With the weinor w17easy full glass sliding door into a Glasoase®, Terrazza Sempra may be conveniently expanded on all sides. You will benefit from more weather protection and more time spent outside. Furthermore, complete transparency allows you to enjoy the environment in its natural state. Additionally, glazed fixed elements may be used.

Intelligent System

Weinor places a high value on technical intricacies and premium components. Terrazza Sempra is made of solid aluminium using extrusions of the highest calibre. Laminated safety glass, which is used for the roof covering and is extremely sturdy, is also quiet when it rains.

High stability thanks to T-beam

The attractive roof supports of the Terrazza family have undergone several static tests, and their T-beam design ensures exceptional stability.

Large widths for panoramic views

Patio roofs up to 7 metres in width are feasible without centre supports when combined with the statically optimised 220 guttering.

Easy attachment of glass elements

Transparent all-around weather protection may be simply applied – even later on – thanks to the posts’ unique design.

Post technology ensures good stability

The posts can either be sunk into the ground or mounted using mounting plates to suitable solid substrates.

Integrated guttering

The post has a hidden rainwater pipe that is always accessible. The water outlet’s height and position on the roof’s side can be changed on an individual basis.

Two roof types available

You have a choice! There are two variations of Terrazza Sempra: one with and one without a roof overhang.

Terrazza Sempra without roof overhang

The modern version: the roof’s end is flush with the supports, giving the impression that it is only one piece.

Terrazza Sempra Plus with roof overhang

The classic roof type: featuring hanging guttering and no visible rainwater pipe for a visually light roof finish.

Various Roof Shapes

Every patio or balcony setting is unique, but Terrazza Sempra doesn’t have a problem with that. The glass roof can be modified to fit a variety of structural requirements.

Conventional pent roof

If the structural specifications are provided, this is the typical shape of the roof.

Pent roof with wall offset

The shape of the roof may easily accommodate a wall projection.

Pent roof with balcony section

The glass roof can also incorporate a low-hanging balcony.

Pent roof with offset guttering

It is also possible to use a more complicated shape, such as offset guttering.

Pent roof type with tapered wall bracket left/right

With a Terrazza Sempra, even roofs that must be constructed diagonally to the wall are possible.

Gable roof

You can choose the relatively common gabled roof shape for Terrazza Sempra.

Why Choose a Terrazza Sempra Veranda from The Glass Veranda Company?

Read on to learn why you should purchase a glass-covered garden veranda from Client Name now that you are aware of the advantages of placing one on your property.

Installed by Experts

Our team, which includes staff with over 15 years of industry experience, fully installs and fits our glass verandas. As a result, you won’t have to worry about roof leaks and will always obtain a flawless fit. Additionally, the materials we utilise are of outstanding quality and have all been lifetime tested.

All Weather Protection

Our glass verandas offer weatherproofing whether you reside in the city or the countryside. Your home is protected from severe winds and rain thanks to them, and you may relax in your garden.

Bespoke Design

Custom glass verandas are the specialty of The Glass Veranda Company, who also designs and installs them. We create bespoke, personalised products using the finest materials and a variety of colour finishes to give the client a sense of total contentment.

10-Year Warranty

All of our glass-covered garden verandas come with a 10 year warranty to ensure years of quality and enjoyment, backed by our dedication to giving you a lovely, long-lasting product.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When it comes to establishing a glass veranda, The Glass Veranda Company is pleased to provide its customers all of the greatest solutions.

Our staff of knowledgeable installers is prepared to begin work on your veranda. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, we will pay for a replacement and keep a crew on call around the clock in case anything goes wrong during installation.

Renowned Weinor Brand

You may be confident of the highest quality because our verandas are constructed with Weinor products, the leading supplier of patio enclosures and sunroom constructions, and aluminium frames. We provide our customers with an extensive selection of products that transform a room into an elegant haven in addition to beauty and craftsmanship.

“Made in Germany” quality

The Terrazza family of patio roofing, which has a long history of success, forms the foundation of Sempra’s technology. It stands out for its high level of dependability and prolonged service life.

Quality of Materials

Stainless steel screws and bolts are used exclusively in our products. A non-rusting, drop-forged aluminium alloy makes up the arm joints. The arm joints’ open-link chain is made of premium, non-rusting round steel. In order to provide an efficient weatherproof and anti-corrosion coating, all our products also go through a unique powder coating process. Our Awnings are resistant to the worst weather conditions experienced in the UK.

Quality of Service

Weinor only manufactures top-notch goods, and in order to assure top-notch service, you may only purchase their awnings from licensed retailers like Client Name. By doing this, Client Name’s product experts, who ensure assembly is done professionally and in accordance with statutory regulations, are in charge of everything from advising through installation. With domestic installations, a 10-year warranty adds to the security.


Case Study

  • Lady Hoskyns
  • Sudbury - Suffolk

Customer Vision

I have always wanted to sit outside and enjoy the views over our lake with family and friends. In England, this is not always possible because of our changeable weather conditions.

Initially, I approached two national companies for quotations. I felt that The Glass Room Company was very competitive on price and, most importantly, that they offered the best all-round service. Their designer came to my home and we discussed all aspects of the plans. They gave me good advice and helped me with decisions on the finer details.

I also have to commend the fitters on their attention to detail, great work ethic and their consideration. The way in which they carried out the installation and then cleaned the room and surrounding area at the end of the building work was very professional and showed their quality as a company.

The design

As soon as we arrived at the client’s home it was obvious that the sharp, simplistic lines of our Glass Room designs were perfect for her. A Glass Room would not detract from the picturesque environment in which she lived.

Using the frameless sliding door system provided shelter from the rain and wind, but did not obscure the views of the lake which was very important to the client.

We also carried out repairs to the existing patio paving to make it secure and safe for years to come. This paving was used as the floor for the Glass Room to keep continuity with the rest of the garden.

The finished Glass Room is exactly as our client and designer had planned and the modular design of this outdoor living space means that any additional features can be easily added on in the future.

More case studies

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