Elegant and Bespoke Glass Verandas

You can utilise your garden long into the fall thanks to the Weinor Terrazza glass roof veranda system, which increases your living, entertaining, and dining space.

Under Weinor’s Terrazza patio roof, you will be completely shielded from the wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Its sturdy, waterproof design safeguards your patio fixtures and furniture, allowing them to remain outside without suffering harm.

The fashionable appearance, appealing shape, and high level of durability of our patio roof make it desirable. There are numerous variations that are available, and it is appropriate for many different house types and needs.

Products From Top European Manufacturers

Our glass verandas come in a variety of sizes and designs and are all constructed using highest quality materials from renowned European manufacturers and finished to your precise specifications.

We can build a veranda to match your house, whether you want something with the stunning modernism of our louvred roof veranda collection or the delicate patterns of our cloth roof veranda range. You’ll have a fresh perspective on life thanks to a veranda from the CLIENT NAME.

Consider unwinding on your own balcony while admiring the greenery. The CLIENT NAME builds custom designed verandas with aluminium frames that meet your unique requirements so you can indulge in this luxury “outside” of your home, with the possibility to add toughened safety glass.

Our knowledgeable design team works with you to choose the ideal sort of glass veranda for your needs, and we also provide a customised service for those who want a really one-of-a-kind outdoor area. From our showroom facilities in LOCATIONXXX, these lovely customised products are accessible throughout the entirety of LOCATIONXXX.

Glass Verandas

Our contemporary patio verandas are created to be the highlight of your house and garden and to serve as a strong, stable foundation for future extensions. Whatever option you select, it will be durable.

Terrazza Pure

Any garden is more elegant with the Terrazza Pure. The square roof enhances the appearance of your house with its distinctive design and contemporary characteristics.

Terrazza Sempra

Although the Terrazza Sempra is a contemporary design, its traditional roof pitch and straight lines add a classic touch to any outdoor space. It is perfect for enjoying your patio or garden in all weather because of the all-glass roof.

Terrazza Originale

The Terrazza Originale improves your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort level. The roof system consists of a single, significant glass panel attached to an actual, detachable roof to form a single unit.

Enjoy the outdoors in comfort

We are a family-owned business specialising in designing, planning and installing exceptional glass rooms, verandas, awnings, louvred and textile roofs.

From an initial site visit where we discuss your options right through to the completion of your dream outdoor space, we provide you with a professional, personal and friendly service.

Guaranteed. We’re here to help you turn your outdoor areas into indoor spaces you’ll love to use 365 days a year.

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Our Glass Veranda Features

All of our glass verandas were especially designed to satisfy your needs. In order to assist us develop an estimate specifically for you, our licensed surveyor will visit your house to measure your property and speak with you about your needs. The questionnaire will provide our team the information they need to develop a design and give you a free quote. Some of the unique elements of our verandas include the following:

Square or Rounded Legs:

Choose from square or half-round legs in traditional or contemporary styles. Leg posts can be indented, set-inward, or placed at the farthest corners, giving you still more way to customise your veranda or glass room to your tastes and the style of your terrace.

Modular Expandable:

With our modular verandas, you may expand your installation as you wish over time by adding lights, glass sides, slide-away glass doors, shade awnings, and other features. You don’t have to do it all at once thanks to this capability, which also gives you the freedom to develop your outside area as needed or desired in the future.

Custom Colour Options (200 Possible Frame Colours):

With the colours of our veranda and glass room frames, you may add a little individuality. In addition to a wide range of additional colour options when design calls for it, we provide a selection of standard paint colours. Glass Verandas and Glass Rooms by The Glass Veranda Company go through a complex powder coating process that ensures a durable paint finish that is extremely resistant to fading, scratching, or chipping and maintains its excellent looks over a long life.

Clear or Tinted Glass:

Our verandas with tinted glass combine aesthetics and usefulness by softening harsh light, boosting UV protection, and reducing summertime heat. Matching grey-black glazing with gunmetal grey frames can produce stylish statements. Whether you like a colour-washed light from our tinted glazing or a pure, clean light from our clear glass, The Glass Veranda Company’s glass verandas will meet your needs.

Glass Veranda Shapes:

Many of our glass verandas and glass rooms can be customised to a number of designs, including trapezoids, tapering walls, and even free-standing verandas for installation outside the home, ensuring the ideal design. You can unwind while seeing the construction of your outdoor space with The Glass Veranda Company!

Elegant Slimline Design

Our popular models of glass verandas combine slimline components while still achieving maximum wind loading and snow loading strength. It is designed to complement both modern and classic architecture. Simple yet exquisite aesthetics are difficult to achieve sometimes.

Integral Rainwater System

All of our verandas and glass rooms have built-in rain drainage that is concealed within the framework. The glass roof’s weight is to be supported by the front support, which also has room for a hidden rain collection basin. Rainwater is channelled down to the ground by pipes hidden inside the legs.

Glass End-Wall Options

Choose to include:

  • a fixed glass triangulation or entirely open ends (open verandas)
  • a wall of fixed, frameless glass
  • a frameless triangle with doors made of glass
  • a fixed glass wall below with vertical mullions (vertical transoms within the triangle) and fully framed side glazing.

Frameless Side Glazing

For our glass rooms, frameless fixed glass walls are an option. They can be added to our glass verandas as well to prevent side breezes. Our frameless glass curtain walls provide wind and rain protection in our glass garden rooms while preserving a clear view of the outside.

Frameless Glass Doors

Enjoy all the benefits of our clear-view, frameless glass sides, but with the added benefit of high designed roller tracks that enable them to glide completely open. You are free to explore as these doors slickly slide aside to transform your Glass Room into an open glass veranda.

Vertical Screens

Side screens can add privacy from neighbours, prevent breezes, and improve the environment in your glass veranda in the evenings. These vertical screens can provide pleasant shade from obtrusive bright light and prevent heat from the summer sun when added to our glass rooms.

Under Glass Sun Blind

The built-in sun shade may stay spotless and fresh because it is shielded from weathering, debris, bird droppings, and pooled rainwater by your glass veranda’s roof. Select from of high-tech textiles that come in groupings of subdued basic tones or eye-catching colour patterns.

Veranda Heating

Our eco-friendly Tempura heaters may be installed in our Glass Verandas and Glass Rooms to help you stay warm throughout the colder months. Utilizing a convenient remote control, you may relax on your porch well into the night or during the off-season.

Integrated Spotlights

Your entire glass veranda or glass room will be illuminated with an ambient glowing light from our integrated LED spotlights that span the full width of the glass roof. Our verandas with spotlights extend pleasure by creating a welcoming environment after dark, making those outside nights feel even more special.

Pipe Through Glass

Using our color-coded pipe-through roof panel, The Glass Veranda Company can build your glass veranda to fit existing rainwater drain pipes and other immovable pipes. Another choice is to use CAD software to create a hole in the roof glass of the veranda to accommodate a pipe.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


Bespoke Roof Sculpting

Our skilled team has a wealth of expertise navigating challenges and unique circumstances. Glass Rooms and Verandas can be custom-shaped to fit around chimneys, stepped walls, and other architectural characteristics. At The Glass Veranda Company we take pleasure in providing precision fitting while others cut corners.

Glass Roof Vents

The glass roof vent delivers dependable airflow and a consistently pleasant environment. The straightforward clear-glass design maintains the roof’s transparency and clean lines while fitting seamlessly within our Glass Rooms. Additionally, the entrance may optionally have an insect guard.

Elegant Remote Control

Use a single remote control to operate the heater, lamps, and vertical screens on your glass veranda. From the comfort of your patio chair, just open the roof blind on your veranda and change the shade! Our radio technology has an omnidirectional range of XX feet and can pass through walls.

Special Custom Brackets

Even in cases where customers believed their home wasn’t suitable, our specially developed brackets allow installation almost everywhere. Our sturdy steel support frames—an improvement over simple gallows brackets—will withstand the weight of the veranda’s glass ceiling as well as handle snow loads.

Ability To Convert Into A Stunning Glass Room

Did you know that our verandas, which have aluminium frames, may be transformed into gorgeous glass rooms? This gives you the opportunity to have a luxurious veranda and an additional light-filled outdoor living space, giving you the best of both worlds.

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, our verandas are also structurally sound because we only use the best glass and aluminium frame components. After construction, our glass verandas require little maintenance and are resistant to both excessive heat and adverse weather.

All Weather Protection

Our ground-breaking all-weather verandas with aluminium frames offer the best weather defence for you and your outdoor furniture.

Our glass verandas exceed all expectations and are strong, beautiful, adaptable, and worry-free. Our aim is to provide you with an outdoor living area that offers convenience, privacy, security, and beauty throughout the year.

10-Year Framework Warranty Included

Our glass verandas are exquisitely constructed using the best components.

Our Glass Room 10-year guarantee covers workmanship and minor flaws in our frameworks and fixings, and aluminium framework.

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A modern glass veranda is a perfect addition to any home. Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy the weather or want an outdoor office, a spacious glass living space offers different options. It’s a beautiful solution to create a relaxation spot in the front or back garden and to have a view of everything going on outside. Contact us about a free site survey today and start transforming your outdoor space. You can also check out our latest projects for inspiration.

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Why Choose a Glass Veranda from The Glass Veranda Company?

What makes us unique compared to our rivals? Why should you buy a product from us? They are interesting questions, and we would be happy to respond.

Outstanding Service

One of the top glass outdoor living businesses in the UK, The Glass Veranda Company takes great pleasure in our superior customer service and high calibre workmanship. We are dedicated to assisting you in identifying the best type of veranda for your residence, place of business, or commercial space.

Free Site Survey

Whatever your needs, whatever the size or shape of the project, quality, service, and value for money are our priorities. The Glass Veranda Company are without a doubt the leading experts in the design and delivery of glass rooms and features. Our experts will do a free house inspection in order to create a custom specification that suits your demands and way of life. We can assist with a wide range of difficulties, including planning, building, and access concerns.

10 Year Guarantee

We offer a 10-year guarantee when The Glass Veranda Company installs your veranda. If anything goes wrong during this time, we’ll fix it for free or, if necessary, replace the entire structure.

Premium Products

We only offer the greatest verandas for your property at The Glass Veranda Company. In order to make sure that every patio space is properly scaled, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing, we carefully select our materials. We can serve any type of client, from homeowners wishing to add a little luxury or utility to their backyard to businesses needing a huge, custom-built veranda for corporate functions.

Trained And Experienced Team

Every glass room and veranda at The Glass Veranda Company is custom-made to meet your exact needs by a skilled and knowledgeable team of designers and artisans. Our staff will see that your ideas come to life from the very beginning through implementation, making your ideal room a reality.

Fast And Efficient Delivery

Verandas are quickly and effectively delivered by The Glass Veranda Company to LOCATIONXXX and other locations in the south-east. We take great pride in providing top-notch products in the shortest amount of time.

24/7 Customer Support

The Glass Veranda Company takes great pride in providing excellent customer service, and we work hard to make sure we comprehend your objectives and goals so we can materialise them for you. Our design team takes great pleasure in their ability to turn any area into the house of your dreams.

We’ll guarantee the quality of our work and work tirelessly to earn your complete satisfaction. Because if you’re not happy, neither are we.

See Your Veranda With A Full 3D Visualization

A 3D visualisation of your veranda will be built once you have decided on the necessary measurements so you can see your ideas from all sides. Then, using our design tools, we will create precise measurements and designs that you can easily understand.

You can be sure that what you see is exactly how your veranda will seem once the job is finished.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


Designed & Installed By Fully Trained Experts

Verandas from The Glass Veranda Company are created and erected by professionals with all necessary training. To keep our commitment to you—to give you a chic yet useful solution for your veranda needs—all of our items are of the highest calibre. You may be sure that your veranda will withstand time and weather because we only use the best materials.

In order to create a seamless barrier between the interior and the outside while allowing you to take in the views, our skilled installation staff takes great satisfaction in their work.

Homeowners in LOCATIONXXX that want to make the most of their outdoor living area can turn to The Glass Veranda Company, who has over 15 years of expertise designing and installing outdoor living spaces. The architects, designers, engineers, and construction professionals who make up our professionally qualified team have helped us set the best standard in the industry for product, design, operation, and maintenance. No other company designs a veranda for your home better than we do. Request a free survey to get going right away. To speak with one of our specialists about your project, call 01737 570020 .

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Case Study

  • Mr & Mrs Menezes
  • Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
  • 6.0m x 3.5m

Customer Vision

The main objective for us was a large area to allow them to dine outside and also cover our table tennis table. We really wanted to go across the full width of our house but due to the side extension did not think this would be possible as the two other companies who quoted said it could not be done. We also wanted to be able to add to the veranda at a later stage to create a full winter garden room.

The Design & install

This patio veranda install was definitely not a standard install but that was not an issue for us. Straight away we impressed our client with our solution of building a parapet wall on the right-side extension roof gable to allow us to continue the patio veranda across the full width.

This work included us using in-house fitters who are qualified to carry out this type of works due to their building experience. We also adjusted the existing drainage to make sure the rainwater was able to disburse quickly.

The Patio Veranda was designed to have four posts so removed the need for a central post whilst maximising the opening in the centre.

All of our glass verandas utilise the same roof system used for our Glass Garden rooms which meant the customers requirement to be able to ass side glazing in the future was possible.

Finally, we finished off the patio veranda with an under-mounted roof shade, LED roof beam lights and a heater that are all controlled from a single remote control.

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