The classic glass patio roof

Impressive features of Terrazza Originale include trustworthy weather protection, a classy, rounded appearance, and an usual roof pitch. The sturdy build is really robust. It is well suited to many different types of home types and has numerous versions available. Using translucent glazing components, Terrazza Originale can be expanded into a weatherproof Glass Room for anyone who wants additional front and side protection.

  • All-year-round patio protection
  • Solid glass / aluminium elegant construction
  • Can be extended with glazing elements
  • Different styles of roof possible
  • Can also be equipped with 115 square post
  • More than 200 frame colours

Product Highlights

Attractive round design

With a very classy rounded appearance and a traditional roof pitch, Terrazza Originale makes an impression.

220 guttering – large spans without middle posts

Anyone using a patio roof wants to take advantage of an unhindered view. Larger spans are also possible without intermediate posts using the 115 post and 220 guttering, so nothing blocks the view.

LED/Design light bar

You may utilise your patio roof until late into the evening thanks to our light bar. Depending on your preference, the light bars can be installed on a roof support or placed on a wall.

Supporting Wall Connection Frame

With the help of the crossbeam and the support posts, the Supporting Wall Connection Frame provides a sturdy installation of Terrazza Originale on challenging facades like timber-framed, brick, or plaster facades with thermal insulation. It also lessens the load on your home’s wall.

115 post

The optional 115 post dazzles with its classic style and screwless appearance. Its drainage downspout and any cables connecting the lighting, heating, etc. run covertly inside the post.

Sturdy aluminium construction

Our patio roofs are remarkable in stability and tensile strength. These robust structures are built using static calculations performed by a licenced engineering firm.

Variable water outlet

The post attractively shaped design allows for the individual adjusting of the water outlet height during on site installation.

Modular system

Even afterwards, it is very easy to extend the patio roof of the Terrazza Originale into a Glass Room with all-glass glazing components.

Two roof models – equipped exactly the way you need them

Terrazza Originale:

No-overhang patio roof with integrated gutters.

Terrazza Originale Plus:

Patio with roof overhang and integrated guttering.

Choose from a number of different roof types

  • Terrazza Originale model
  • Terrazza Originale Plus model with overhanging roof and gutters integrated
  • Pent roof – Type A
  • Sloping pent roof – Type B
  • Trapezium-form roof sloping to eaves – Type C
  • Trapezium-form roof sloping to ridge – Type C
  • Pent roof with wall offset
  • Pent roof with roof gutters offset
  • Pent roof with balcony cut out
  • Hipped pent roof
  • Pent roof, hipped and sloping forwards
  • Gable roof – Type L
  • Circumferential pent roof – Type N

Matching side glazing – tailored to your needs and wishes

Maximum transparency: Side element SUPER LITE

Fully transparent fronts can be brought in by using the fixed glazing beneath the Terrazza Originale side roof support – only one vertical or horizontal strut is needed.

Supplements folding and sliding wall: Side element LITE

A very common and excellent option is lightweight fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium with an easy-glide sliding wall or a multi-purpose folding partition underneath.

Highest possible stability: Side element CLASSIC

Alternately, choose for strong fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium and a multipurpose sliding wall below. If you’d like, you can even choose framed fixed windows to withstand strong side winds.

Why Choose a Terrazza Originale Veranda from The Glass Veranda Company?

Installed by Experts

Our team completely instals and fits our glass verandas, and it includes personnel with more than 15 years of industry experience. As a result, you’ll never face a roof leak and will always get a perfect fit. The materials we use are also of exceptional quality and have all undergone lifetime testing.

All Weather Protection

We offer weatherproofing with our glass verandas, whether you live in the city or the country. They shield your home from strong winds and rain, allowing you to unwind in your garden.

Bespoke Design

The Glass Veranda Company specialises in creating custom glass verandas and also designs and installs them. To provide the client a sense of complete satisfaction, we build bespoke, personalised solutions utilising the best materials and a range of colour finishes.

For the highest level of design customisation or to match the existing façade of your building, we offer standard, designer, and custom colour options. Each veranda has a unique shape and size. Our designs can accommodate almost any demand, even those that involve severe weather and a lot of snowfall.

“Made in Germany” quality

Sempra’s technology is built on patio roofing from the Terrazza family, which has a successful track record. Due to its high level of trustworthiness and extensive service life, it stands out.

Quality of Materials

We only use stainless steel screws and nuts in our products. The arm joints are forged from a non-rusting aluminium alloy. Premium round steel that won’t rust makes up the open-link chain that connects the arm joints. All of our products additionally undergo a special powder coating process in order to give an effective weatherproof and anti-corrosion finish. The worst weather that the UK has ever experienced won’t harm our awnings.

10 Year Warranty

We are committed to providing you with the best product/service possible, so we back all of our glass-covered garden verandas with a 10-year warranty to ensure years of quality and satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Glass Veranda Company is happy to offer its clients the best options when it comes to installing a glass veranda.

Our team of skilled installers is waiting to begin construction on your high durability veranda. If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, we will pay for a replacement and retain a crew on call around the clock in case anything goes wrong during installation.

Call 01737 570020 or send an email to to learn more about our glass verandas or to schedule a free survey.


Case Study

  • Mr & Mrs Farthing
  • Enfield - Greater London

Customer Vision

Our vision was to have a very minimal and low maintenance garden that was going to be usable all year round. The designer Martyn came out to meet us and immediately we were sold on the frameless doors as this would give us the view we were looking for.

We had a couple of concerns including the glass room being hot in summer and cold in winter. This was discussed and great solutions found by adding a roof shade and heaters. Our Designer Martyn was able to produce a visualisation on an iPad which my wife found useful as she was able to see what the glass garden room would look.

The process from start to finish was so smooth and simple but most importantly without pressure. When the install was carried out we noticed the fitter’s attention to detail was amazing. They were even able to install the millboard flooring inside the room to match the rest of the garden.

We have now had our glass garden room for a year. it’s the perfect space to sit and enjoy our space time. In fact we use the garden more than the inside of our home.

The design

It was a great pleasure to work on this project helping to create the Farthings vision of what an outdoor living experience should be. We were able to offer them the solution they required without any compromise in design or practicality resulting in a great outdoor living area.

The glass roof section of the glass garden room had what we call a balcony cut-out in the middle to work around the protruding doors and windows in the centre of the property.

We constructed a raised substructure which the room was built off and finished the surface with our 100% wood free composite decking made by Millboard in the UK.

The frameless sliding glass walls are the perfect way of keeping winter weather out whilst not taking away from the surrounding views of the garden.

The glass room was finished off with an undermounted roof shade, LED roof beam lighting and two remote controlled heaters.

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