Bespoke, Elegant and Resistant Glass Verandas

Every single structure we create is bespoke to your requirements and preferences adding to any home extra living space and security with one of our glass verandas.With a glass veranda installed, you can spend more time in your garden while being shielded from the sun’s damaging rays in the summer or from unplanned downpours the rest of the year.

Glass verandas are often either an above aluminium awning with supporting pillars and open sides or a completely free-span construction. Examples of canopies that deflect snow and rain include straightforward overhead barriers and complex radius barrel vault designs. Both business and residential settings use the glass garden verandas produced by The Glass Veranda Company. In order to make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any building, our assortment of glass garden canopies uses toughened safety glass and superior stainless steel fittings. The toughness and weather durability of glass make it a thin-profile material that is highly adaptive.

Each glass verandah is carefully constructed. When you buy from us, you can be sure that the structural elements and glass fittings are made from the highest quality materials and finished to the highest standards.

Fixed Glass Garden Canopy/Roof

A canopy cover is a type of weather protection device of any size for a garden, patio, balcony, or other outdoor space. Glass garden roofs of the greatest quality are available from The Glass Veranda Company and are certain to satisfy your needs, whatever the weather.

In the UK, a fixed glass roof structure perched atop a framework frequently offers the sole year-round defence against our increasingly variable weather. The framework of each of our glass verandas and fixed-roof canopies is composed of powder coated aluminium, and they can have either a toughened glass or polycarbonate roof.

Rainwater gutters are frequently incorporated into our attractive structures, and we also have additional alternatives for filling the front and sides as necessary. A room’s front and sides can be closed off partially or entirely using devices like glass sides, vertical blinds, zip screens, sliding glass doors, and other similar structures.

Because of the wide range of features it offers, including retractable covers, compatibility with various awning products, superb transparent glass glazing, and affordably priced polycarbonate inserts, any purchase of a glass garden veranda should be carefully considered. As a consequence, you can discover the ideal terrace cover and accessories for your needs.

A garden canopy is your best option if you like to spend time outside all year long. Regardless of the weather, you may still entertain guests or relax outside sheltered from the rain with our waterproof structures.

Entertainment All Year Around

You can enjoy your yard year-round with a Glass Veranda from The Glass Veranda Company. Allow yourself to roam freely outside and turn your yard into a tranquil sanctuary.

With the help of our Glass Veranda, you can prolong the enjoyment of your garden and outdoor extra space by making the most of the lengthy summer evenings spent watching the sun set.

A glass garden canopy from The Glass Veranda Company will complement your landscaping and give you year-round access to an outside living space. Our Glass Veranda is the greatest choice for an outdoor eating area, a safe spot for children to play while enjoying the benefits of being outside, or a place to relax and read a book.

Our glass garden verandas are available in a variety of sizes and projection options to meet your home’s and garden’s demands.

The Optimum Microclimate: Enjoy the outdoors in comfort

Among other technological improvements, our glass canopies’ distinctive 135-degree twist movement enables each louvre blade to remain in contact with the frame throughout. Due to the proprietary opening method we call “Twist Motion,” our louvred roofs stand out for their creative, dependable, and effective design. This design eliminates any light gaps, unpleasant gutters, or water leaks. You can easily manage the quantity of sunlight that penetrates the space below by simply adjusting the blade, entirely managing the environment in your garden.

You have the most creative freedom to select the ideal solution for each location with our glass verandas. A louvred roof can have glazing added to it at any time to create an enclosed outdoor living space that can be used in any weather. Electric heaters, outside covers, sliding glass doors, and LED lighting are a few examples of potential add-ons. The amount of rain that falls on the roof can be reduced by up to 70% with internal blade insulation.

Glass Verandas

Our contemporary patio verandas are created to be the highlight of your house and garden and to serve as a strong, stable foundation for future extensions. Whatever option you select, it will be durable.

Terrazza Pure

Any garden is more elegant with the Terrazza Pure. The square roof enhances the appearance of your house with its distinctive design and contemporary characteristics.

Terrazza Sempra

Although the Terrazza Sempra is a contemporary design, its traditional roof pitch and straight lines add a classic touch to any outdoor space. It is perfect for enjoying your patio or garden in all weather because of the all-glass roof.

Terrazza Originale

The Terrazza Originale improves your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort level. The roof system consists of a single, significant glass panel attached to an actual, detachable roof to form a single unit.

Enjoy the outdoors in comfort

We are a family-owned business specialising in designing, planning and installing exceptional glass rooms, verandas, awnings, louvred and textile roofs.

From an initial site visit where we discuss your options right through to the completion of your dream outdoor space, we provide you with a professional, personal and friendly service.

Guaranteed. We’re here to help you turn your outdoor areas into indoor spaces you’ll love to use 365 days a year.

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The Terrazza Range:

Glass Verandas/Patio Roofs

Our Glass Verandas will keep you well protected from the weather, and your patio furniture can remain outside and without coverings without being damaged. So, enjoy your garden until far into October. Our Glass Veranda line is appealing because of its stylish design, eye-catching shape, and high level of durability.

Terrazza Originale/Plus: The Classic Glass Veranda

Impressive features of Terrazza Originale include dependable weather protection, a classy, rounded appearance, and a usual roof pitch. The sturdy build is really robust. It is well suited to a wide range of home types and has various variations available. Transparent glass components allow Terrazza Originale to be expanded into a waterproof Glasoase® for anyone who wants additional front and side protection. Terrazza Originale Benefits:

  • All-year-round patio protection
  • Solid glass / aluminium construction
  • Can be extended with glazing elements
  • Wide variety of Weinor Terrazza roof shapes and designs
  • Integrated guttering systems
  • Can also be equipped with 115 square post
  • More than 200 frame colours

The Terrazza Plus has the same layout as the Terrazza Originale but is constructed with an overhanging roof. If you need to attach a glass veranda to a patio but want the roof to extend beyond the front posts, the advantages of this are very helpful.

Terrazza Pure: The Cubic Glass Veranda

The latest glass patio roof, Terrazza Pure, utilises a contemporary cubic kind of roof together with creative design. Traditional patio roofs are slanted to allow rainfall to flow off. The pitch is hidden from view from the outside thanks to Terrazza Pure’s integrated frame structure. The end result is a clear, cubic form with dependable drainage—the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to enjoy a lot of natural light on their patio while also appreciating dependable, contemporary weather protection.

  • All-year-round patio protection
  • Modern, cubic design
  • Unique glass support system
  • High quality colour LED lighting strips and attractive decorative strips
  • Easy to extend into a weinor Glasoase®
  • More than 200 frame colours

Terrazza Sempra: The Timeless Glass Veranda

There won’t be any quality or style compromises with the Terrazza Sempra glass patio roof! For over 15 years, weather protection experts have been continuously enhancing the popular Terrazza brand. It establishes the greatest standards as a bestseller. The outstanding outcome of our many years of experience, Terrazza Sempra, will enable you to take advantage of alfresco living in your priceless outside space virtually all year round. The design dazzles with classic forms and uncluttered lines. Because Terrazza Sempra is a key component of the design, it blends in beautifully with the architecture of your home.

  • All year round outdoor living
  • Timeless, linear design
  • Tried-and-tested technology over many years
  • Attractive accessories
  • Easy to extend into a Weinor Glasoase®
  • More than 200 frame colours

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


The advantages of Having Glass Veranda

Sun or shade? With a glass Garden Canopy you decide.

You can now choose how much time you spend outside even when you can’t control the weather thanks to our LOCATIONXXX designed louvred roofing. The fully automatic roof louvres can be adjusted to let in as much light or shade as you’d like by simply pressing a button.

Make The Most Of Your Garden All Year Round

The Glass Veranda Company offers stylish glass verandas that are trustworthy weather protectors and mix in with the style of any building. They are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly aluminium and come standard in 30 colours. It becomes a glass chamber to protect you from all weather conditions whether it’s attached to a structure or standing alone with the optional installation of vertical side glass panels. The vertical glass panels can be completely closed, partially closed, or fully opened depending on the weather. It is a unique outdoor space that may be utilised for cooking, eating, sleeping, and socialising. Various accessories are additionally offered to suit your needs:

Solar protection

The best sun protection is provided by high-quality awnings, whether they are suspended above, vertically, or as an under-glass awning.


You can fully enjoy the evening thanks to the integrated LED lamps’ ambiance-creating effects.

Tempura Heating Systems

With the help of the Tempura and Tempura Quadra heating systems, you can prolong your valuable time on the patio. They may be installed practically anyplace, are simple to adapt, and provide pleasant warmth. The infrared rays are immediately sensed after the device is turned on. Both a square-designed Tempura Quadra and a round version of the heater are available.

By using the infrared technology, you are protecting more than just your wallet. Unlike other heating methods, the heat is immediately evident, providing a gentle and cosy heat similar to a wood stove.

With its designer aesthetics and cutting-edge infrared heating technology, the Tempura heaters will keep you cosy and comfortable.

Control System

You can wirelessly manage your awning and lighting using cutting-edge control technology.

Custom Engineering

Each veranda system from The Glass Veranda Company is custom-built to your specifications and the requirements of the project. You’re covered by our team of engineering specialists.

Glass Variety Options

Premium glazing alternatives are offered by The Glass Veranda Company, including laminated, dual, triple, and marine glazed systems, to name a few.

Extreme Weather Impact Rated

The largest assortment of products that have been shown to withstand even the worst weather conditions is currently available from our company.

Our Approach To Glass Veranda Design and Installation

When the skills of our professionals are used, a faultless installation of any of our distinctive Glass Veranda systems can be a good protection from changing weather.


Discussing All Details

Our designers have years of experience and will take the time to listen carefully to what you want. We will not rush you to buy or put down a deposit. We will discuss options with you in the comfort of your home, to get a true idea of the space.


The Design

Once we have discussed your needs, we will provide you with a 3D visualisation and a final quote. This price is guaranteed and will not increase during or after installation. A final site survey will be conducted to ensure the glass room is made to millimetre precision.


Delivery and Installation

Once the installation date is confirmed, precision-engineered, laser-cut materials are delivered from our award winning partners in Germany. Installations usually take between one to two days. With our streamlined approach, we offer some of the fastest installations in the UK.

Why Choose a Glass Veranda from The Glass Veranda Company ?

Glass garden verandas are stunningly gorgeous and highly practical. Glass garden verandas work well with a variety of architectural styles. They can be produced in a huge variety of forms, dimensions, and aesthetics. The Glass Veranda Company can assist you with selecting the ideal option for your residence. Glass canopies are affordable, readily erected, and offer good weather protection.

The veranda solutions from The Glass Veranda Company are strong enough to endure years of exposure to the elements. Aluminium-framed verandas don’t corrode, warp, or require ongoing aesthetic maintenance like wooden ones do.

We provide standard, designer, and custom colour options for the maximum level of design customization or to complement the current face of your building. Each veranda differs from the others in terms of both size and shape. Almost any requirement can be met by our designs, including those involving harsh weather and a lot of snowfall.

A Perfect Match

A variety of forms and colours are available to ensure that your new patio roof perfectly complements your home, garden, and way of life.

Our patio roofs are notable not only for their extremely exquisite style and seamless appearance. With so many variations available, they may also easily adapt to challenging building scenarios with variable maximum projection options.

Choose the appropriate Terrazza system for your custom solution from a variety of roof shapes.

The Great Outdoors

By extending your living, entertaining, and dining space, the Terrazza glass veranda system enables you to use your garden well into the fall. You will be fully protected from the wind, rain, and other elements under the Terrazza patio roof. Your patio fixtures and furniture are safeguarded by its durable, waterproof construction, allowing them to stay outside without suffering damage.

Our patio roof is appealing due to its stylish design, attractive shape, and high level of durability. It is suitable for a variety of house types and needs, and there are several variations available.


Case Study

  • Mr & Mrs Menezes
  • Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
  • 6.0m x 3.5m

Customer Vision

The main objective for us was a large area to allow them to dine outside and also cover our table tennis table. We really wanted to go across the full width of our house but due to the side extension did not think this would be possible as the two other companies who quoted said it could not be done. We also wanted to be able to add to the veranda at a later stage to create a full winter garden room.

The Design & install

This patio veranda install was definitely not a standard install but that was not an issue for us. Straight away we impressed our client with our solution of building a parapet wall on the right-side extension roof gable to allow us to continue the patio veranda across the full width.

This work included us using in-house fitters who are qualified to carry out this type of works due to their building experience. We also adjusted the existing drainage to make sure the rainwater was able to disburse quickly.

The Patio Veranda was designed to have four posts so removed the need for a central post whilst maximising the opening in the centre.

All of our glass verandas utilise the same roof system used for our Glass Garden rooms which meant the customers requirement to be able to ass side glazing in the future was possible.

Finally, we finished off the patio veranda with an under-mounted roof shade, LED roof beam lights and a heater that are all controlled from a single remote control.

More case studies

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What is the difference between Gazebo and Veranda

A gazebo can be located anyplace in your garden, which is the main difference between one and a veranda. A veranda is  a permanent building that is typically attached to your house, becoming  a true addition to your property.

What colours can I choose from for my veranda?

There are 56 distinct colours and finishes available as standard. White, anthracite, and various shades of grey are the most common colours for verandas. You can choose any colour you like, though. All you have to do is provide us a RAL code and our designers will take care of the rest (please note -there is a surcharge for this service).

Can a veranda be used all year round?

Yes is the clear answer to this. By installing heaters, integrating LED lighting in the winter and exterior shading solutions in the summer, customers are using their verandas more frequently throughout the year.

What are the benefits of a veranda

The ability to relax outside without worrying about the sun or the rain is one of the main advantages of a veranda. Installing an automated roof shade will provide additional protection while improving comfort on hotter days. Any time of year, you may use your veranda to host parties, eat outside, or just relax and read a book. Make your veranda a year-round environment by adding heaters and lighting to make it even more comfortable in the winter. Glass verandas make your outdoor area more functional, allowing you to spend more time comfortably on your patio and in your garden throughout the day and into the evening.

This is particularly true when glass verandas are combined with lighting and heating systems, enabling you to maintain visibility and heating in the evening and throughout some of the colder months. Actually, verandas have never been as popular as they are now. There are several great reasons to having one of these outdoor places, which are becoming more and more prevalent. What are the benefits of a veranda then? Isn't it about time you made your own? Here are some of the main arguments in favour of belief becoming reality. A veranda enables you to expand your living space while utilising the outdoors by bringing the garden inside the house. Whatever the weather, enjoy being outside.

You don't have to leave your garden when it starts to rain if you have a veranda. They offer year-round, perfect weather protection. Plan your outdoor events and social gatherings with assurance that they won't be bothered with rain. Our garden verandas can be equipped with sliding glass doors and glass sides to create a completely enclosed glass area for ultimate weather protection. Our verandas are gorgeous because they may be expanded over time as your needs change because they are modular in design.

What’s best – A Canopy or Veranda For Your Garden?

No matter how big your patio area is, you may stay outside all year long since the glass veranda systems we provide provide the clearest, brightest vision of any equipment. When it rains heavily, a glass veranda will be much quieter than the polycarbonate roof. We employ a high-quality aluminium frame because glass is much heavier than polycarbonate.

Our glass verandas are durable enough to support the addition of other components, such as front and side glazing, to eventually completely enclose the building and create a "outdoor glass room." Reverse the inside-out process. You may have barbecues, garden parties, and other family and social gatherings on a lovely veranda regardless of the weather.

Your friends, family, or car can be protected by stylish, totally waterproof outdoor constructions! We can build a veranda, canopy, or carport and tailor it to your home, whether you want to create an outdoor entertainment area, a place to relax in the sun, or you simply want to keep your car guarded from the elements.

Our attractive, long-lasting buildings are constructed from sturdy aluminium extrusions. They provide complete weather protection and, thanks to the powder-coated finishes, will maintain their gorgeous appearance for many years with no upkeep. Our verandas are ideal for a variety of functions and encourage outdoor life in a variety of ways. Ideal for creating a safe patio for dining or a relaxing leisure area.

Additionally, they work well for more sensible solutions like carports, hot tub covers, and covered paths.

Do verandas provide protection against bad weather

The end of the British summer (as short as it is) does not have to be the end of enjoying your garden. You can protect yourself from the elements by selecting a glass veranda. The space will be cosy and interesting all year round thanks to the lighting and heating choices.

Is planning permission required for a glass veranda?

The majority of houses in the UK will have approved construction rights, thus a glass veranda does not need planning approval. To find out the regulations in your area, we advise getting in touch with your city's planning department. We are more than delighted to help you with the application if planning is necessary.

How long do you guarantee your products?

From the date of installation, the structure for our glass verandas is guaranteed for 10 years, with a five-year guarantee on accessories. Both manufacture and installation flaws are covered by this. Applying terms and conditions

Do you offer Free Site Surveys

With consideration for all colour preferences and finishing touches, our highly skilled veranda design specialists will conduct a free survey and design of your bespoke veranda to your specifications. Please fill out our online contact form to schedule a visit and receive a free, no-obligation consultation.

How much does a glass veranda cost?

Our glass verandas are all specifically created to meet your demands. Our certified surveyor will come to your home to take measurements of your property and talk with you about your needs in order to help us create an estimate that is personalised for you. The survey is free and will provide our team with the details they need to create a design and provide you a free quote. Since each of our verandas is custom-made to match your specific needs, we are unable to provide you an exact estimate without discussing with you. But fully installed verandas begin at £7,000.00.

Are verandas worth the money?

Yes, they enhance the value and usefulness of your garden while also providing a wonderful opportunity for additional weather protection. Additionally, they serve as the primary support structure for the roof of our glass rooms, so you are not restricted to using a veranda and can turn it into a full glass room whenever you choose. A veranda will offer a tranquil outside space that can be enjoyed all around, whether you have just moved into a new home or are looking to update the style of your current patio area. Nothing compares to having an outdoor space for receiving guests, having parties or making memorable nights with romantic lighting and soft music.

Interested & want to know more?

We’re passionate about creating the outdoor living space of your dreams, delivered with great customer service. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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