Experience the Luxury of an All Weather Outdoor Space with The Outdoor Living Group

Experience the luxury of an all-weather outdoor space with our Glass Verandas and Patio Roofs, crafted to improve your outdoor lifestyle in Hampshire. The remarkable designs from Weinor offer you with greater comfort, allowing you to maximise your balcony, irrespective of the climate. The planet is a top concern for us, as shown by our eco-friendly awning fabric collection.

Moreover, we present customised solutions, including heating systems, LED lighting, and advanced controls, aimed at accommodating your individual requirements. Depend on our excellent customer support to aid you in developing a pristine outdoor retreat that fuses aesthetics, function, and sustainable practices.

Why Choose The Outdoor Living Group for Your Hampshire Glass Veranda Installation

By picking The Outdoor Living Group for your glass roof and veranda project needs in Hampshire, you can expect superb quality levels in both product and customer service. In collaboration with Weinor, a acclaimed glass room producer, we provide state-of-the-art design and eco-friendly materials for your aluminium patio cover verandas.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support, including providing you with tailored attention all the way through the entire process. Furthermore, our innovative accessories, including heating systems, LED lighting, as well as sophisticated controls, empower you to definitely elevate the experience of outdoor living. Furthermore, with intelligent add-ons such as heating systems, LED illumination, and sophisticated controllers, you can enhance the pleasure of outdoor living. Moreover, our smart add-ons, including heating systems, LED lights, and state-of-the-art controls, assist one optimise the experience of outdoor living. Our smart add-ons, including heating systems, LED lights, as well as advanced controllers, also enable you to maximise the outdoor living experience. Furthermore, our intelligent accessories, featuring temperature control systems, LED lighting, as well as cutting-edge controllers, allow you to definitely elevate your experience of outdoor living. The Outdoor Living Group allows you to establish a luxurious and comfortable outdoor environment for your Hampshire-situated dwelling with confidence.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


Custom Made Bespoke Glass Verandas and Patio Roofs.

Uncover the grace of tailored glass canopies and patio roofs in Hampshire and its surroundings, tailored to your unique demands. Highlighting our commitment to craftsmanship, we combine style and practicality effortlessly, offering a diverse selection of durable aluminium frames that showcase both resilience and refinement. Flexible glass selections allow you to establish the perfect veranda and garden environment, and cutting-edge accessory incorporation, such as our acclaimed Weinor heating systems, LED illumination, and weather-resistant advancements, improve your outdoor living experience. Change your backyard and patio area verandas into an Alfresco sanctuary, making every minute outdoors a display of sophistication and comfort.

Four Easy Steps to your perfect Patio Roof


Discussing Your Needs

What purpose will your new area serve? And where will it go? What colour? Which form do you prefer? We’re here to help if you have any questions, so please don’t hesitate to call!

The Survey Visit

Call us when you have a general concept of what you want, and we’ll come to your home at a time that works for you to take measurements and go over the finer points.


Based on our visit, we’ll prepare you a thorough fixed price quote. We won’t pressurise you, but if you’re content, we’ll set a start date and make all the necessary arrangements with you.


In the majority of cases, we can finish installation in a day or two. We pledge to complete the work in a timely manner and to the highest standard.

Weinor Verandas and Patio Roofs A Perfect Blend of Style, Functionality and Durability.

For Hampshire homeowners, our Weinor-produced glass-veranda and patio roofs provide an outstanding blend of aesthetics, practicality, and resilience. Our products, recognised for their inventive designs and various accolades, augment the visual allure of your outdoor setting while preserving top-notch functionality. Because of ultraviolet shielding and effective air circulation, a comfy ambiance for prolonged outdoor activities is assured. Created using high-grade materials such as powder-coated aluminium, aluminium frames, and strong glass, our verandas are engineered to face the test of time. Besides, we present a broad range of customisation options, permitting you to adapt your outdoor living space to meet your individual flair and inclinations. Relish the pinnacle of outdoor extravagance with our stunning and efficient patio roofs and patio roofs.

Terrazza Pure Modern Cubic Design with Innovative Features.

Introducing to you the innovative Terrazza Pure, an innovative patio roof solution that reshapes outdoor extravagance. Introducing the Terrazza Pure, a cutting-edge patio roof concept that elevates outdoor lavishness. Introducing the Terrazza Pure, a state-of-the-art patio roof concept that transforms outdoor opulence. Presenting the Terrazza Pure, a state-of-the-art patio roof design that transforms outdoor opulence. Presenting the innovative Terrazza Pure, a revolutionary patio roof system that redefines outdoor indulgence. In commercial and residential buildings, the minimalistic cubic design’s sleekness seamlessly enhances the modern architectural style, forming a balanced and elegant fusion of aesthetics and function.

The integrated incorporated gutter system guarantees effective water drainage while preserving the Terrazza Pure’s aesthetic appeal. Optional retractable shading systems can be effortlessly included for customised sun protection and maximum comfort. We have carefully designed our patio coverings using top-quality materials and precision engineering, guaranteeing enduring durability and exceptional performance for our clients in Hampshire. Explore extraordinary outdoor experiences with Terrazza Pure.

Terrazza Originale Timeless Rounded Look with Dependable Weather defence

Delve into the timeless elegance of Terrazza Originale’s iconic curved structure, meticulously crafted to supply reliable weather protection for your home in Hampshire. Uncover the lasting elegance of Terrazza Originale’s iconic rounded architecture, thoughtfully created to guarantee dependable weather protection for your Hampshire residence. Admire the timeless allure of Terrazza Originale’s classic rounded style, masterfully developed to provide reliable weather protection for your dwelling in Hampshire. With elegance, our patio roofs seamlessly integrate with diverse architectural styles, improving your outdoor space. Built with superior construction materials, our durable and easy-to-maintain products ensure enduring elegance and functionality.

To enhance your comfort, we present optional extras, like energy-conserving Tempura heating systems and LED lights, seamlessly integrated into the layout. Have confidence in our award-winning expertise at The Outdoor Living Group to revamp your garden or your outdoor dining area into a luxurious sanctuary where you can truly embrace alfresco living.

Terrazza Originale Timeless Rounded Look with Trustworthy Weather Protection

Delve into the timeless elegance of Terrazza Originale’s iconic rounded design, meticulously crafted to provide reliable weather protection for your Hampshire home. Uncover the enduring sophistication of Terrazza Originale’s iconic rounded architecture, thoughtfully created to assure consistent weather shielding for your home in Hampshire. Admire the ageless charm of Terrazza Originale’s classic circular design, expertly designed to deliver steady weather defence for your dwelling in Hampshire. Our patio roofs seamlessly complement various architectural styles, enhancing your outdoor living space with elegance. Built using first-rate materials, our robust and easy-to-maintain solutions guarantee sustained aesthetics and effectiveness.

To enhance your comfort, we offer additional features, such as energy-efficient Tempura heating systems and LED lights, integrally incorporated into the design. Count on the award-winning proficiency of The Outdoor Living Group to turn your outdoor area or alfresco dining spot into a luxurious sanctuary for genuine alfresco living.

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Benefits of Weinor Veranda Patio Roofs

Weinor Verandas Patio Roofs in Hampshire offer an unmatched and elegant fusion of outdoor and indoor living spaces, enabling you to expand your home beyond its walls. By incorporating cutting-edge heating and LED lighting technologies, all-year outdoor comfort is achievable, regardless of changing seasons. Experience increased privacy without losing sight of your gorgeous garden, due to the inventive VertiTex II and Glass Room Conversion. Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability is evident through our award-winning green garden awning fabric series, which play a role to building a more eco-conscious exterior environment, and bringing a hint of luxury and style to your porch or veranda.

10-Year Frame Guarantee on Our Products.

The Outdoor Living Group is proud to offer a 10-year frame guarantee on our glass verandas and patio roofs in Hampshire, demonstrating our unyielding dedication to superiority and client happiness. Thanks to our comprehensive service coverage, you can anticipate a easygoing experience with prompt mends or substitutions if any problems occur. Weinor, our distinguished partner, has designed and manufactured our products, and this warranty testifies to their longevity and reliability. Selecting our glass verandas and patio roofs provides you with outstanding outdoor living options and lasting serenity.

Veranda Installation in Hampshire.

Reveal the ultimate of outdoor living experience with our celebrated glass verandas and patio roof, crafted to effortlessly integrate with your home’s architecture and aesthetic. The Outdoor Living Group’s specialists initiate the procedure with a consultation, during which they assess your requirements and tastes to develop a tailored solution. Our accomplished in-house team takes care of the installation, making sure it’s of the highest quality and suits seamlessly.

After-installation support and care are offered to guarantee your contentment, taking care of any upcoming questions or issues. Relish the splendour of open-air living, and transform your outside area with our cutting-edge verandas today. Discover the magnificence of alfresco living by upgrading your outside environment with our advanced verandas today. Indulge in the lavishness of outdoor living, and revamp your outside area with our revolutionary verandas today. Appreciate the decadence of alfresco living, and enhance your exterior environment with our up-to-date patio roofs today. Delight in the sophistication of alfresco living, and elevate your outdoor surroundings with our state-of-the-art verandas today.

Expert Design Consultation for Your Customised Weinor Glass Veranda.

Experience the ultimate of outdoor elegance and comfort with our award-winning Weinor glass verandas and patio roofs. Every minute you spend outside counts, which is why our groundbreaking designs provide exceptional protection from the weather, empowering you to make the most of your outdoor space. Our professional design consultation provides a tailor-made solution that aligns with your unique vision, preferences, and property needs. We assess your property’s architectural design and outdoor area, providing a array of models, materials, and customisation choices for you to pick from. With precise design plans and the flawless merging of components such as heating systems, LED lights, and protection from sun and weather, we achieve a ideal combination of usefulness and sophistication for a extraordinary outdoor experience.

Veranda Frame 200 Colours to Match Any Exterior Colour Scheme.

Reveal the epitome of unique solutions with our Glass Verandas, boasting a broad collection of more than 200 colours to harmonise with any external colour concept.

By employing coated with powder aluminium frames, we offer long-lasting, vibrant colours that resist the test of time. If you’re looking to harmoniously blend a modern glass canopy veranda into your home’s current design or make a dramatic contrast with natural light, our professional advice will assist you discover the ideal colour option tailored to your individual taste. With Weinor’s award-winning designs and outstanding workmanship, transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven that truly reflects your style and preferences.

Somfy: Advanced Control Systems for Sun Protection, Lighting, and Heating.

Discover the future possibilities of living outdoors with our innovative control systems crafted for sun protection, lighting, and temperature control. With our state-of-the-art solutions, intelligent home systems is smoothly integrated, allowing you to conveniently operate your Glass Verandas and Patio Roofs using remote operation. Consider the comfort of adjusting settings directly from your house, removing the necessity to head outdoors. Smart weather sensors automatically detect environmental shifts and adapt consequently, maintaining ideal conditions all year round. Flexible settings for lights and timers empower you to produce a tailored, energy-saving outdoor space, enhancing your alfresco experience while decreasing your environmental impact. Our cutting-edge innovations offers the peak of relaxation and opulence

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Discover matchless alfresco grace with our esteemed glass verandas, patio roofs, rooftop terraces, and patio covers, all constructed to broaden your outdoor living environment in Hampshire. Weinor’s state-of-the-art products, created by us, have won several design awards, ensuring that our offerings deliver outstanding comfort and exhibit an striking aesthetic. By using advanced accessories such as the VertiTex II, Glass Room Conversions, Tempura heating system, energy-efficient lighting, and management systems, you can enjoy your glass rooms, patio veranda, or balcony for longer durations throughout the year. Don’t the weather to control your outdoor enjoyment; get in touch with The Outdoor Living Group today and learn how we can turn your outside area into a refuge of lavishness and relaxation.


Case Study

  • Mr & Mrs Goddard
  • Milton Keynes
  • 3.8m x 4.0m

Customer Vision

We are lucky to have live in a house with fabulous views over the fields and surrounding areas. We wanted to have a conservatory originally but came across The Outdoor Living Group and their glass rooms when on the internet. After meeting with Martyn our designer, we were sold on what they had to offer. The glass room offers the space we wanted without taking away from what nature has to offer us naturally. The fact that we could by everything from one company was amazing. We did have concerns about how hot the glass room would be, but the blinds really do work.

The Design & install

One of the challenges here was the reduced high available due to the gable end. To produce the largest room possible, we utilised our “pure” pitchless glass room. The glass room was installed with frameless glass doors on all three sides. We also added blinds on all sides and the roof to provide shade and privacy when required. To finish off LED lighting and heaters were installed to create the perfect winter garden room.

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