Our Veranda Range

Our contemporary patio verandas are created to be the highlight of your house and yard and to serve as a strong, stable foundation for future extensions. Whatever option you select, it will be durable.

Terrazza Pure

Any garden is more elegant with the Terrazza Pure. The square roof enhances the appearance of your house with its distinctive design and contemporary characteristics.

Terrazza Sempra

Although the Terrazza Sempra is a contemporary design, its traditional roof pitch and straight lines add a classic touch to any outdoor space. It is perfect for enjoying your patio or garden in all weather because of the all-glass roof.

Terrazza Originale

The Terrazza Originale improves your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort level. The roof system consists of a single, substantial glass panel attached to a real, detachable roof to form a single unit.

Enjoy the outdoors in comfort

We are a family-owned business specialising in designing, planning and installing exceptional glass rooms, verandas, awnings, louvred and textile roofs.

From an initial site visit where we discuss your options right through to the completion of your dream outdoor space, we provide you with a professional, personal and friendly service.

Guaranteed. We’re here to help you turn your outdoor areas into indoor spaces you’ll love to use 365 days a year.

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Veranda Features and Accessories

Elegant Design

Your home’s exterior gives off one of the initial impressions. You want to make the best possible impression on people right away. We are renowned for the tasteful style of our contemporary glass verandas.

Modern manufacturing techniques are used to create our glass verandas. Every apartment is designed to make the most of its available space, with a focus on letting in plenty of natural light to make rooms feel airy and warm.

Innovative concepts are also incorporated into the design of our verandas to enhance the convenience and comfort of apartment life.

Clever Construction

You must comprehend the design and construction of our verandas in order to appreciate their classic appeal. If the idea of having a beautiful environment that will survive for a very long time intrigues you, you shouldn’t take creative construction lightly.

Our glass veranda is expertly designed to guarantee your enjoyment for many years. It ought to be present whenever you need it and in the expected location. Additionally, we take great care when building our verandas, which will greatly raise the standard of your complete home.

High-Quality And Long-Lasting

Use our state-of-the-art construction materials to make your house more aesthetically pleasing. We work with high-quality materials that last for many years and give visual and aesthetic delight. No matter the weather, they will maintain their beauty while maintaining their contemporary appearance.

Our company’s name immediately comes to mind as a reputable option when the topic of what are glass verandas arises. Our verandas are a desirable possession because of their gorgeous materials, fine design, and expert craftsmanship.

Trendy Frame Colours

We give our customers the choice to select from a variety of tints for the glass, frame colours, and frame sizes ranging from the tiniest to the largest. You have a variety of design choices, including traditional, contemporary, industrial, and whatever unique design you may be considering.

Additionally, our business is open to recommendations because we want to create personalised verandas for each and every one of our customers.

Convenient Control

Even though having a glass veranda for your home is wonderful, controlling it is even better. The most recent security systems are built into our glass veranda systems, ensuring that you can restrict access to your veranda without providing anyone direct access to your home.

It is really easy to use and control. Our glass verandas include motors, so you can lock it to keep your family secure or adjust the lighting and temperature whenever you like.

Contemporary Shading

In order to create a comfortable living or working environment, shade is crucial. Our contemporary glass verandas provide a greater sense of privacy thanks to the use of premium vertical blinds.

These elegant blinds combine transparent and opaque materials to provide you control over light levels and the ability to still see outside your house or place of business. For more comfort, these blinds can also be utilised with supplementary lighting.

Integrated LED Lighting

We offer glass verandas with built-in LED lighting. This implies that you receive floor to ceiling lighting. From within your home, you may regulate the gentle flickering.

Elegant, durable, and energy-efficient LEDs are available. This technology transforms the entire building visible, making it simple to display your contemporary glass veranda.

Rigid Roof Covering

A veranda’s roof is an essential component, therefore we made sure our buildings were built with robust, high-quality laminated safety glass (LSG) roof covering that had been enhanced with sandblasting, a computer-controlled etching technique. These have a slanted design that directs water away from the roof and toward the veranda. Additionally, it was created by our architects to be aesthetically attractive to the eye.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.



Regardless of the weather, a glass veranda must have a heating system. Our glass verandas feature a glass panel that offers heat insulation and solar protection.

We give you access to a system that allows you to make minor adjustments to the system to control the temperature and manage costs.

German Engineered Products

Our products are created from high-quality materials and adhere to the tightest environmental regulations. German manufacturers are preferred for many building applications because of their reputation for strict production and quality control requirements.

You will receive superior quality with the newest styles available when you choose our products. Our high-quality products are created with your peace of mind in mind and give you several possibilities to match your style and personal taste.

Invisibly Integrated Drainage

Our glass verandas’ invisibly integrated drainage system is one of the key characteristics that distinguishes them from other designs. Instead of collecting on the surface, water drains into a hidden chamber and occasionally spills onto a selected area of your lawn or garden from there.

How invisible ? We’re talking about drainage that is entirely incorporated into the planting system, so there won’t be any painting or sealants visible, as with traditional verandas, and there won’t be any tiny tubes running through the planting, just a great, finished, natural appearance.

Rigid Aluminium Construction

Aluminium was used to construct our glass verandas. This offers a number of benefits because aluminium is strong and lightweight, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Additionally, it is available in a variety of finishes, allowing you to choose the colour you want. The benefit of aluminium that applies to verandas the most is how simple it is to clean as it won’t corrode, stain, or degrade.

Powder-Coated Aluminium

For the finest possible natural impression, our aluminium verandas are made of powder-coated aluminium. Aluminium is extremely strong and has a remarkable aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it is lightweight yet durable, allowing us to use fewer, lighter structures to meet our aesthetic goals while maintaining a sturdy framework.

One of the most well-liked fads of the twenty-first century was glass verandas. You have a fantastic opportunity right now to take advantage of this trend’s best feature: touch with nature. Don’t pass up the chance to get in touch with us and let us help you realise your goal of having a glass veranda.

Tempered Glass

The glass is, of course, the main component of a veranda. One of the strongest safety glass varieties to use for the roofing panel is tempered glass. This is as a result of its extraordinarily high strength and breaking resistance. Furthermore, it requires little care and can be used for a very long time.

Glass is frequently used over other materials in construction because it lets natural light into the space below the veranda. This makes it perfect for setting up an outdoor dining area underneath the roof of your house or place of business. Additionally, the glass gives your veranda a nice appearance and offers clear views.

Why Choose A Veranda From The Glass Veranda Company?

Customer Vision

The Glass Veranda Company places its clients first and caters to their needs. We are ready to pay close attention to our customers’ needs and do everything in our power to satisfy them. In the meantime, we continue to advance professionally in order to benefit clients. Simply let us know what you need from us!

Years Of Experience

We have an advantage over the competition because to our many years of expertise in the market, on construction sites, and working with architects. Due to our experience, we can concentrate on meeting the demands of current trends while still producing high-quality goods. We are more than willing to provide references and our project portfolio as proof.

Bespoke Customer Service

The Glass Veranda Company, a client-focused business, provides personalised customer care to make sure our clients’ demands are met. We will meet with you to go over your needs, and we’ll work directly with you to make sure your glass veranda perfectly complements the design of your patio.

Ongoing Support

Projects involving verandas and rooflines are lovely because they are ever-evolving. Continuous communication is essential because the project will last an a while and you will need to work together to make changes as they become necessary. Our clients’ approvals are a result of our satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

We promise that your project will be entirely finished and fully operating by the time we’re done. We do not charge an additional fee if, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the outcome. We guarantee that all of our “made to measure” goods will be installed correctly and that they will all have the highest level of durability.

Affordable Prices

The fact that glass verandas do not have to be expensive will surprise a lot of people. Although it might be challenging to locate trustworthy glass veranda items at a reasonable price, we take pleasure in our products and really work to keep our pricing as low as we can in order to reach a wider audience.


Case Study

  • Lady Hoskyns
  • Sudbury - Suffolk

Customer Vision

I have always wanted to sit outside and enjoy the views over our lake with family and friends. In England, this is not always possible because of our changeable weather conditions.

Initially, I approached two national companies for quotations. I felt that The Glass Room Company was very competitive on price and, most importantly, that they offered the best all-round service. Their designer came to my home and we discussed all aspects of the plans. They gave me good advice and helped me with decisions on the finer details.

I also have to commend the fitters on their attention to detail, great work ethic and their consideration. The way in which they carried out the installation and then cleaned the room and surrounding area at the end of the building work was very professional and showed their quality as a company.

The design

As soon as we arrived at the client’s home it was obvious that the sharp, simplistic lines of our Glass Room designs were perfect for her. A Glass Room would not detract from the picturesque environment in which she lived.

Using the frameless sliding door system provided shelter from the rain and wind, but did not obscure the views of the lake which was very important to the client.

We also carried out repairs to the existing patio paving to make it secure and safe for years to come. This paving was used as the floor for the Glass Room to keep continuity with the rest of the garden.

The finished Glass Room is exactly as our client and designer had planned and the modular design of this outdoor living space means that any additional features can be easily added on in the future.

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icon Your questions

Do small garden verandas provide protection against bad weather?

The British summer may only last a few weeks, but you can still enjoy your garden once it's over. You can protect yourself from the elements by selecting a small veranda. The area will be cosy and interesting all year long because of the possibilities for lighting and heating.

Is planning permission required for a small garden veranda?

Since most UK properties would have authorised construction rights, a small veranda would not require planning permission. We suggest getting in touch with your city's planning department to learn more about the restrictions that apply to your region. We would be more than pleased to help you with the application if you need it.

How long do you guarantee your products?

Our small verandas come with a ten-year construction warranty from the installation date and a five-year warranty on the accessories. Defects in production and installation are covered by this. Applying terms and conditions.

Do you offer Free Site Surveys?

Following a free survey, our highly skilled veranda design specialists will create your custom veranda to your exact specifications, taking into account all colour preferences and finishing touches. Please fill out our online contact form to schedule a visit for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How much does a small garden veranda cost?

Our small verandas were all specifically created with your needs in mind. Our licenced surveyor will come to your home to measure your property and discuss your needs with you in order to help us create an estimate tailored for you. The survey will give our team the information they require to create a solution for you and give you a free quote.

Because each veranda is tailored to your circumstances, we can't give you a quote without talking to you and check the specifics of your house.

Are small garden verandas worth the money?

Yes, they boost your garden's worth and utility while also presenting a great opportunity for additional weather protection. Because they also serve as the primary support framework for the roof of our small rooms, you are not restricted to using a veranda and may convert it into a full small glass room whenever you like. A veranda can offer a tranquil outside space that can be enjoyed from all sides, whether you have recently moved into a new home or wish to improve the design of your current patio area. Nothing compares to entertaining outside, hosting parties with guests, and sharing special times with loved ones or friends.

Can a small garden veranda be used all year round?

Clearly, the answer to this is yes. Thanks to the installation of heaters, LED lighting integration for the winter, and outside shading options for the summer, customers are using their verandas more frequently all year round.

What colours can I choose from for my small garden veranda?

56 distinct colours and finishes are available as standard options. White, a variety of shades of grey, and anthracite are the most popular colours for verandas. You may, however, choose whatever colour you desire. All you have to do is provide us a RAL code and our designers will take care of the rest (please note -there is a surcharge for this service).

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